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5 tips to prepare a long drive with children

Who has never known the anxiety of a long drive with children? However, with a little organization, a lot of common sense and a scrupulous respect of the road safety instructions, it is possible to travel serenely in family !

Mom of 2 young boys, Sophie book more tips.A start with a little hardware contingency to install the children safely.

1. Choose the right car seat

This first tip seems obvious! And yet. it is unfortunately established that 2 out of 3 children are not properly attached by car, so here are the recommendations to know.

Until the age of 10, a child must travel in a restraint adapted to its size and weight which will be the 2 determining criteria in the choice of a car seat or booster seat.

Now, children are transported back to the road for up to 15 months, preferably in the back (ideally the middle seat at the back if a fastening system is planned).

When traveling alone with a baby, some prefer to put the child in the front passenger seat to have an eye on the child and that the child sees his parent. But be aware that it is not the recommended seat because of the risk of the front airbag tripping in the event of an impact (the airbag must be deactivated).

The seat must be homologated (letter E followed by a country code in a circle). If you can, opt for the Isofix mounting system that limits the risk of installation error.

To install the car seat of your child, scrupulously follow the instructions. On the internet, there are tutorials to help you.

Make sure that each belt pass is respected and that it is not twisted or relaxed. At each trip, the installation must be checked, the harness and the safety belt properly adjusted.

Be aware that a car seat must be replaced after an impact or accident.

Any child under 1.35 m must have a booster seat (for children between 15 and 36 kg).

Finally, it can not be repeated enough, the wearing of the belt is non-negotiable, even for short trips and / or low speed.
So, parents give the example and fasten your seatbelts!

Finally, remember to lock the security of the rear doors of the vehicle.

Sophie's tip: "Do not buy a used car seat. For Christmas or whatever party, I asked the grand-patents to participate in this purchase. "

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? See you in our FORUMS !

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