8 months of pregnancy

The 8th month of pregnancy (between 33 weeks and 36 weeks) is a month when the baby, like the mother, begins to prepare for childbirth .

At 8 months of pregnancy, the baby always grows and accelerates its growth. It weighs between 1.7 and 2.3 kg and measures between 40 and 42 centimeters.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, all organs are now formed, each of them will grow in volume. Their function is already acquired at this stage. During this period, the fetus produces, at the pulmonary level, the surfactant that will allow it to breathe normally.

The limit of 34 weeks of amenorrhea (the middle of the eighth month), is a date set by pediatricians and obstetricians to adapt a course of action in case of contraction or work. Pulmonary maturation is done. If the delivery occurred, the baby would have enough surfactant to open the alveoli of his lungs.

It is also during this period to 8 months of pregnancy, that your baby should in principle turn around, because his head is the heaviest part of his body, and it must therefore be at the top (head down).

Changes in women

At 8 months of pregnancy, your belly has grown well: the uterine height is 32 cm. The baby is still quite high, he has not yet descended into the pool. The intestines of the mother go back to leave room for the uterus and the baby, the desire to urinate his most frequent, because of compression on the bladder.

The volume of the uterus is greatly increased, and the weight of the baby, the amniotic fluid and the placenta will make quite difficult certain gestures of everyday life, like going up or down the stairs, or driving ...

It is often from the 36th week of amenorrhea that insomnia is the most common. It is also advisable to lie on the left side to promote better venous circulation (this avoids compression of the inferior vena cava located right in the abdomen).

In summary, the daily life of the pregnant woman in the eighth month becomes a little more difficult. These discomforts, more or less pronounced, can really hinder you. Finally, the imminent arrival of childbirth may give rise to questions or even worries ... and sometimes to the fear of premature labor.

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