Trans fatty acid: Where are they found?

So in what types of foods do we find these trans fatty acids?

They are present in many foods in their natural state, but also in industrial foods. From meat ... to cakes, biscuits, pastries. The content of trans fatty acids is quite low in meat, but much higher in pastry and industrial snacking.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify the presence of these fatty acids on the food packaging. But one thing is certain: for good health, it's better to eat an apple than a croissant or a packet of cakes!

10 rules for a healthy and balanced diet

Chemical peculiarity of trans fatty acids

Trans fatty acids have a special chemical characteristic. This is why they are called "trans". From a biochemical point of view, the specificity of a trans fatty acid may seem minimal. It is indeed the position of the two hydrogen atoms on the long molecular chain of carbon, which makes the difference.

Namely: The trans fatty acid is an unsaturated fatty acid, that is to say that there is a double bond between two carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms in the so-called "trans" position (at the inverse of the so-called "cis" position) ... this is for the chemical explanation.

This peculiarity, which leads to a very specific structure in the space, makes this fatty acid has very precise biophysical and biochemical properties. For example: this fatty acid is in the solid state, at a very precise temperature. These hydrogenated oils are used in the food industry for (among others) their quality of preservation.

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