Acne: the symptoms

The symptoms of acne are cutaneous. The skin has a greasy feel and a shiny appearance. On it develop pimples, preferentially on the face (nose, forehead, cheeks, chin), the neckline, and the upper back.

There are several forms of skin lesions typical of acne.

1 - The comedones

They are flat, even slightly raised, and centered by a black dot. Hence their name of "black dots". They sit on the oily areas of the skin.

2 - The microcysts

Recognizable by their color, they are commonly known as "white buttons". They are slightly elevated and contain a mixture of keratin, sebum, and keratin. Hence their white coloring. They can evolve unfavorably, in the form of comedones, or even be complicated by real inflammatory lesions (papulo-pustules).

3 - Papulopustules

These are the most aesthetically uncomfortable symptoms of acne. The papules are sometimes painful red, less than 5 mm in diameter, which can develop into pustules. This is the term given to them when they are surmounted by a purulent yellowish content.

4 - nodules

This symptom is rare, but it's the worst! The acne nodule is a deep inflammatory lesion that is more than 5 mm in diameter. It can be complicated by an abscess, and evolve into a scar.

Acne: did you know?

A very large number of teenagers, and even some adults, have to deal with acne at some point ... What do you know about this so common skin disorder? Take our test to find out!

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