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Tinnitus and sophrology

Sophrology is a psycho-corporeal method associating the breathing, the muscular decontraction and the visualization of positive images. It is a discipline that can have effects on health, and is at the same time a way of life ...

Sophrology is inspired by hypnosis and phenomenology, but also by oriental techniques such as Yoga, Zen or Tummo. It is also a personal development tool.

For who ?

Sophrology is recommended in cases of anxiety and stress.

Sophrology can also be of interest when you suffer from tinnitus. It is estimated that between 4% and 10% of the French population suffer from tinnitus: subjective noises constantly heard "in the ear" or "in the head", without external sound stimulus, which can seriously hamper daily life, the quality of life of each patient.

When tinnitus becomes chronic, the situation can be very difficult for the patient.

Of course, in case of tinnitus, the opinion of a doctor is essential. In addition to the accurate diagnosis of this condition, the practitioner will prescribe treatment. The tinnitus specialist is an ENT specialist.

Depending on the origin of tinnitus (more or less easy to identify), the doctor may intervene sometimes on this cause (hypertension, hyperthyroidism, etc.). Tinnitus may also be part of a pathology affecting the auditory system: Meunière disease, otosclerosis ... These tinnitus can also be the consequences of head trauma or sound trauma.

In addition to a specific treatment, other solutions can be considered to try to relieve the patient, because sometimes the conventional treatments do not give the expected results and the help of a sophrologist can then, in this case, be revealed interesting when tinnitus becomes chronic.

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