Algodystrophy: of the hand

The hand is a frequent localization of algodystrophy, or complex regional pain syndrome.

The symptoms appear sometime after a trauma (such as a broken wrist, sometimes treated surgically ... or not) in a progressive way.

The patient is embarrassed by the following symptoms:

  • the hand tends to be more swollen, swollen,
  • the hand is hot or cold,
  • the hand has a reddish appearance ...

These symptoms are all the more clear that the opposite hand does not present these problems.

The patient also complains of pain and sweating in the hand. He has a lot of trouble using it. This pain is throbbing, existing at rest, and tends to increase when the patient mobilizes his hand and fingers.

Complications include: these symptoms occur in other areas of the body (bones and joints).

Then usually, after a few weeks to a few months, these signs tend to subside. Then, everything comes back in order.

However, sometimes sequelae persist for several months, with a hand that presents trophic disorders, the skin has a waxy appearance, is cold and the fingers are as ankylosed, willingly remaining in a semi-flexed position. The person has difficulty using his hand and wrist.

The doctor can prescribe examinations: an X-ray, a scintigraphy.

Note that a hand dystrophy can also occur after a carpal tunnel operation.

Treatments (read further) of a hand dystrophy treatment begin with pain medications, but also massage and functional rehabilitation exercises.

Note: what was still called a few years ago a shoulder-hand syndrome is in fact a reflex of the upper limb with an attack of the shoulder (stiffness), then the hand.

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