Cat allergy: symptoms

Allergy to the cat is characterized by the typical symptoms of respiratory allergies:

  • runny nose,
  • scratching eyes,
  • nasal obstruction,
  • sneezing,
  • watery ...

In medical terms, we talk about rhinitis, conjunctivitis ...

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It should be known that the cat is very allergenic and that one can observe important reactions. In the most severe cases, an allergy to the cat may even result in:

  • breathing difficulties,
  • a feeling of chest tightness,
  • even asthma attacks.

Cutaneous reactions (redness, eczema, urticaria) can also be observed if the allergic person touches or strokes the cat.

Sometimes a cat-allergic person may show symptoms of allergy even in the absence of a cat. It may be that the hairs are present on the clothes of a person with a cat. We can develop an allergic reaction even without having been in direct contact with this animal!

Sometimes people who are allergic to the cat and refuse to part with their animal, can not tolerate the symptoms of their allergy, especially when they do not have a real danger (asthma).

Symptomatic treatments will indeed relieve these signs effectively and not give up the presence of his pet.

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