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Lengthening the Penis: The Micro Penis

A micro penis is an adult penis that measures less than eight centimeters in erection. Nothing to do with these dysmorphophobias that are so painful to men, when they have a mistaken mental representation of the size of their sex.
A micro penis is a real problem, but not very common. However, specialists have found that the number of babies born with a micro penis is increasing. A phenomenon that we do not explain very well yet. For the moment, environmental toxins are implicated, pesticides, insecticides, which could have an impact on the sex size of little boys.

Diagnose a micro penis at birth

It is important to act quickly when a child is born with a micro penis. Screening is indeed fundamental. It is necessary to act before puberty, because after the hormonal treatments are no longer effective.
The average size of a newborn's penis is 4 cm. Up to 12 years, the yard measures, on average, 6 cm. It is after puberty, under the action of testosterone that the penis lengthens to reach its adult size of 14 cm on average, erect. When a baby is born with a penis that is too small, it is important to report it to the doctor, if the doctor has not noticed it himself.
A treatment is then possible: the injection of testosterone, until puberty. And that, from birth. After treatment, the penis will remain relatively small, but around 11 cm erect. After puberty, the hormone treatment will no longer be effective and it is then surgery that can modestly intervene.

The causes of a micro penis
The causes are numerous and always rather obscure. It could be :
> insufficient production of androgens, male hormones.
> an insensitivity of tissues to androgens.
> a malformation, with or without chromosome abnormality.
> an environmental cause. This is the most suspected cause, currently, by specialists. Insecticides, could cause this type of pathology in utero during the formation of the fetus.

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