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Generic drug of Xanax
Therapeutic Class: Neurology-Psychiatry
active ingredients: Alprazolam
laboratory: Arrow Generic

Tablet breackable
Box of 60
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- Symptomatic treatment of severe and / or disabling anxiety disorders.
- Prevention and treatment of delirium tremens and other manifestations of alcohol withdrawal.

Dosage ALPRAZOLAM ARROW 0.25 mg Tablet scored Box of 60

The use of alprazolam is not recommended in children, in the absence of study. In addition, the tablet is not a form suitable for children under 6 years (risk of mis-driving).
Oral way.
Dosage 0.25 mg is particularly suitable for the elderly, the renal or hepatic insufficiency.
- Dose :
In all cases, treatment will be initiated at the lowest effective dose and the maximum dose of 4 mg / day will not be exceeded.
. In general, in adults, treatment will be started at the dosage of 0.75 mg to 1 mg per day, divided into 3 doses as follows:
0.25 mg in the morning and at noon, and 0.25 to 0.50 mg in the evening.
The dosage will then be individually adapted according to the therapeutic response.
The average dosage is between 1 and 2 mg per day.
. In children, the elderly, the renal or hepatic insufficiency: it is recommended to reduce the dosage, by half for example.
- Duration :
. The treatment should be as short as possible. The indication will be reviewed regularly especially in the absence of symptoms. The overall duration of treatment should not exceed 8 to 12 weeks for the majority of patients, including the dose reduction period (see section on warnings and precautions for use).
In some cases, it may be necessary to prolong the treatment beyond the recommended periods. This requires accurate and repeated assessments of the patient's condition.
. Prevention and treatment of delirium tremens and other manifestations of alcohol withdrawal: short treatment of the order of 8 to 10 days.

Against indications

- This medication should never be used in the following situations:
. hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the other ingredients,
. severe respiratory failure,
. sleep apnea syndrome,
. severe hepatic insufficiency, acute or chronic (risk of encephalopathy),
. gravis.
- The tablet is not a form suitable for children under 6 years old (risk of false route).
- Due to the presence of lactose, this drug is contraindicated in case of congenital galactosemia, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or lactase deficiency.
- Breast-feeding: The use of this medicine during breastfeeding is not recommended.
- Avoid taking alcoholic drinks and drugs containing alcohol.

Adverse effects Alprazolam Arrow

They are related to the dose ingested, the individual sensitivity of the patient.
- Neuropsychiatric side effects (see section on warnings and precautions for use):
. anterograde amnesia, which can occur at therapeutic doses, the risk increasing in proportion to the dose,
. behavior disorders, changes in consciousness, irritability, aggression, agitation,
. physical and psychological dependence, even in therapeutic doses with withdrawal syndrome or rebound at the end of treatment,
. lightheadedness, headache, ataxia,
. confusion, decreased alertness or drowsiness (particularly in the elderly), insomnia, nightmares, tension,
. changes in libido.
- Cutaneous side effects:
rashes, itchy or not.
- General side effects:
muscular hypotonia, asthenia.
- Ocular adverse effects:

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