Iron deficiency anemia: Symptoms

Abnormal tiredness, sockiness, decreased resistance to viral infections, increased exercise shortness of breath, hair loss are the main symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

Faced with these different symptoms, the doctor will prescribe additional tests: a blood test: a blood count (NFS) or blood count.

Anemia is diagnosed with hemoglobin and the count of red blood cells, their size.
To establish if there is an iron deficiency, ferritin will also be measured. On the other hand, determining the iron content is not indicated in this case. It is the measurement of the ferritin level that counts.

Low hemoglobin, small red blood cells, and lowered ferritin are found in iron deficiency anemia.

Other exams may be needed to know where the bleeds are coming from. Digestive, gynecological, urological investigations can be prescribed ... Depending on the results, specific treatments on the digestive tract or the gynecological apparatus will be made to solve the problem once and for all.

Who may be affected by iron deficiency anemia?
This anemia occurs more often at specific times in life: child growth (especially 6 months to 4 years), adolescence, women with heavy periods and pregnancy.

But in fact everyone may be concerned one day or another by iron deficiency anemia. It always requires the advice of a doctor who can prescribe examinations to investigate the cause.

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