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Andrologist: when and why to consult?

The andrologist is for men what the gynecologist is for women: it is a doctor who deals with their own physiology and any diseases affecting the male reproductive system.

We do not think about it often for men, but they too sometimes need to call on this type of medical specialist.

What is an andrologist?

Andrologist comes from the Greek "andros", meaning "man". The andrologist is a doctor who takes care of the various male pathologies related to his genital system.

Here are some diseases and conditions treated by the andrologist:

  • erectile dysfunction, which is also called impotence,
  • ejaculation disorders such as premature ejaculation,
  • an age-related androgen deficit (also known as andropause),
  • male infertility problems, etc.

Clearly, the andrologist specializes in the management of male sexual problems.

Often an andrologist is also a urologist, a specialist surgeon in the management of the urinary tract.

An andrologist can also be an endocrinologist, a hormone specialist. This competence in andrology is acquired by a university degree (in a faculty of medicine).

Note that some men may have difficulty seeing an andrologist for fear of questioning not only their virility, but sometimes their fertility.

To better understand, an illustration of male sexual organs:

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Authors: Margaret François and Dr Nicolas Evrard.

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