Andropause: treatments

Hormone replacement therapy can slow the aging process of man, and relieve early symptoms of andropause.

However, hormone therapy for men in andropause is controversial. In France, an injection of androgens every 2 or 3 weeks is proposed if hypogonadism is proved by a bioavailable testosterone assay.

Prostate cancer is a contraindication to hormone replacement therapy.

It is necessary before initiating the treatment with androgens to make a digital rectal examination to check the integrity of the prostate and perform a blood test of PSA marker prostate cancer. It must be ensured that the man does not have prostate cancer before prescribing hormonal treatment.

Regular checkups are performed throughout the treatment with hormone therapy. In addition, it is not clear how this treatment affects the prostate, the bones, or the cardiovascular system.

In fact, this hormone treatment is very rarely prescribed.

There is no serious scientific data today to really know the effectiveness of other substances or hormones such as DHEA, or growth hormone ... on symptoms related to andropause.

Andropause can sometimes be a difficult passage for a man. She may be associated with the fear of losing her virility and sexual function. These difficulties can sometimes be the cause of a real depression.

In this case, psychological support can help to learn to accept andropause as an essential step in a man's life.

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