White Angina: Repetitive angina

If the pain persists or if the white tonsillitis tend to return repeatedly, it is advisable to consult your GP or even an ENT, in order to be treated without delay. From the basic treatment to the removal of the tonsils (partial or total), the proposed panel of solutions is wide.

It is essential to consult and treat a white angina. Untreated bacterial tonsillitis (Streptococcus) can lead to complications such as heart or kidney disease or rheumatism.

In video: tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils)

The function of the tonsils is to trap bacteria and viruses that can enter the body through the throat. But it happens that the tonsils themselves become infected. Frequent access to tonsillitis may require tonsillectomy.

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Sources and notes

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Authors: Nathalie Barenghi and Dr Nicolas Evrard

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