White tinea: the causes

Most white tonsillitis or acute erythemato-pultaceae are of viral origin. To know what is the type of your angina, the observation of symptoms is not enough.

To be sure of the cause of angina, the doctor should or should do a throat test to determine if it is viral or bacterial.

Viral angina

The virus in question may be: respiratory syncytial virus, myxovirus, coronavirus, adenovirus or myxovirus parainfluenzae. More rarely, viral angina is caused by the mononucleosis virus (Epstein Barr). Indeed, pseudo-membranous angina (which can also be called white angina) can be observed in case of infectious mononucleosis.

The duration of symptoms of viral angina is usually 3 to 4 days. Except in case of influenza for which the first signs sometimes correspond to angina, and infectious mononucleosis (the manifestations are longer).

Bacterial angina

Bacterial angina is caused by bacteria (streptococci most often). The most common bacterium responsible for white angina is Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus. It is the triggering factor for approximately 30% of children's tonsillitis.

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