Anxiety: the causes

The causes of anguish or anxiety attacks must be sought to put in place solutions.

An anxiety attack can occur in isolation or repeat itself over time. In all cases, there is a cause of malaise not always obvious to identify. These causes can be both environmental (source of daily stress or traumatic event) and psychic. A psychic disorder must be sought, such as depression, phobia or generalized anxiety.

In many cases, the anxiety attack is a kind of screen, a barrier. A protective barrier that serves to hide a traumatic memory or repressed affects.

We must indeed look for the existence of an old or more recent traumatism (accident, mourning, separation, etc.) that causes what is called a post-traumatic neurosis. The mental representation of the traumatic event, is so painful, so impossible (how to represent one's own death, in an accident?) That the only answer bearable is the anxiety attack.

When the traumatic event occurred in early childhood and was repressed, it is often in adolescence that the first symptoms appear. But these disorders can occur later in life, at the turn of a particular event or stress situation that reactivates the old traumatic memory.

It happens of course that several causes are involved in the occurrence of anxieties. Not always easy to identify all, they are often related to each other. It is by talking to the doctor or psychotherapist that these reasons can be known.

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