Anorexia nervosa: the causes

There is not a cause, but causes of anorexia nervosa. We are talking about multifactorial psychiatric illness . The reasons given for the appearance of the disease are social, psychological, familial, genetic and neurobiological.

In the past, anorexia only affected Western societies. Today, we are seeing the emergence of the disease in emerging countries, especially people who have adopted our way of life. The ideal of beauty represented by the "size mannequin", the social pressure with the war against "the big" and the mode of dress of the navel with the air are all arguments advanced by the specialists to explain the progression of the disease in younger and younger girls.

Nevertheless, the causes of anorexia remain mysterious. In addition to a genetic component, it appears that certain traits, linked to neurobiological characteristics, have also been implicated in the development of anorexia nervosa. One finds in particular the perfectionism, the will of control, the anxious and obsessive character (intolerance to the doubt and to the unknown) and the intolerance to the failure. These traits can also be found in the parents of anorexic people.

People who suffer from anorexia are generally very demanding of themselves and achieve brilliant academic results. Very active, they often practice several sports, always in order to lose weight. But, even in group activities, they stay rather behind.

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