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Anticoagulant: all you need to know

In France, more than 600, 000 people take anticoagulant treatments. These anticoagulant treatments are intended to thin the blood to prevent clot formation, and help prevent serious cardiovascular events.

The formation of a clot is very dangerous, because it could more or less obstruct a vessel and thus impede the blood circulation. It can also break off and then migrate to an artery of the brain, for example, causing a stroke (stroke).

The majority of these anticoagulant treatments are part of the family of vitamin K antagonists (AVK). But these medications must be taken with care and the medical follow-up must be rigorous.

Note that for some time, there are new anticoagulant drugs (called Naco or Oad) that are not antivitamins K. Today, these treatments are not prescribed in first intention. They are reserved in very specific cases ... but perhaps in the future, will they be more and more used.

What exactly are the anticoagulant treatments for? What are the modalities of these treatments?

Discover in our article everything you need to know about these anticoagulant medications (AVK and new), with the advice of a cardiologist. Read to finish the testimony of Monique, under treatment with anticoagulant AVK for 4 years.

Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Professor Gérard Helft of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Heart Institute (Paris).
Last updated: July 2014.

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