Aphasia: treatments

The treatment of aphasia is based first and foremost on the treatment of the cause. If it is supported quickly, the brain area can be preserved, at least partially, and allow a return of language.

Sometimes aphasia resolves spontaneously. This is the case in transient ischemic attacks (a transient stroke). However, a treatment of the vascular field remains necessary to avoid recurrence of the stroke.

When aphasia persists despite the treatment of the cause, speech therapy is indicated. This can make it possible to recover, at least partially, the use of language. This rehabilitation can begin during hospitalization, daily, and continue as an outpatient in a speech therapy office. It can sometimes last several years. The goal is that the person can find communication skills with those around him. The effectiveness and duration of follow-up depend on several elements.

The language therapies are all the more effective as:

  • the orthophonic treatment is early.
  • the follow-up speech is regular and the person motivated.
  • the cause of aphasia is a trauma rather than a stroke.
  • aphasia is moderate.
  • the affected person is left-handed or has close left-handed parents.

Some scientific authors have examined the interest of a drug in the treatment of aphasia. But the studies carried out have so far not given enough evidence to this effect.

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