Sleep apnea: the symptoms

The first symptom of sleep apnea is having poor sleep and daytime sleepiness that affects the patient's alertness. We must think of a sleep apnea syndrome in front of these other symptoms: a snorer who wants to sleep during the day, who is tired, his character is irritable, high blood pressure, memory and concentration problems are patents, he is depressed.

A person who suffers from sleep apnea is typically a patient who snores louder and louder, and stops suddenly. A few seconds later, the breathing resumes and the snoring with.

An examination identifies sleep apnea problems: polysomnography. This examination is performed in specialized centers of sleep disorders. During one night, electrodes placed on the head, the face, the chest and the legs detect the breathing efforts, the movements. A camera can also be used to know in which position the patient sleeps.

There is a simpler examination: cardiorespiratory sleep polygraphy (PCRS), which evaluates certain sleep parameters. One can also use a nocturnal oximetry (nocturnal oximetry) to analyze the oxygen saturation by a small device worn on the tip of the index finger.

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