Sleep Apnea: Treatments

Sleep apnea treatments exist, but are not always easy to handle.

Weight loss is sometimes enough to reduce snoring and remove apnea. The recumbent position on the side is preferable to that on the back which promotes snoring

Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills : alcohol and sleeping pills promote muscle relaxation during sleep and therefore snoring and increase the risk of apnea. Avoiding them before going to bed can help reduce snoring.

CPAP (continuous positive pressure) is the treatment often used against sleep apnea. It is a continuous positive airway pressure ventilation device. It is in the form of a mask held in place by a band and connected by a tube to a PPC machine connected to the current. The machine sends air continuously and thus prevents the collapse of the airways.
CPAP does not cure sleep apnea, but it prevents it as long as the device is used.

There are also dental devices placed at night in the mouth to hold the lower jaw and tongue forward, thus avoiding sagging soft tissues in the pharynx. These devices are molded by a dentist.

Surgery is also a possible treatment when there is an obvious ENT malformation: nasal polyps, a deviated nasal septum, tonsillar hypertrophy, a large uvula, a too small chin.

Radiofrequency is a new treatment indicated to remove soft tissues in the throat or tongue, which gives space in the upper airways, but there is still a lack of perspective to say that this treatment is effective.

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