Appendicitis: how to recognize it?

Appendicitis is an acute inflammation of the appendix, caused by a bacterium.

It is a common acute condition that can occur at any age, and should not be left behind. The only effective treatment is appendectomy, that is, removal of the appendix by surgery as soon as possible.

The appendix is ​​a diverticulum, that is to say, an enlargement of the large intestine at the level of the cecum (right end). It is more or less long, situated on the right colon at variable heights and more or less in front or behind, more or less stuck to the colonic wall.

The diagnosis of appendicitis is not always easy to make, especially in toddlers or in the elderly, as well as in women (pregnant or not).

Sometimes the appendix is ​​not classically placed at the end of the right colon; the signs may be misleading and suggest acute cholecystitis in the presence of right subcostal pain, nephritic calculus in case of posterior pain or gynecological pathology in case of low, median abdominal pain ...

Complementary examinations may then be requested if the diagnosis of appendicitis is doubtful, such as:

  • an ultrasound if a gynecological condition is suspected: an ectopic pregnancy, a torsion of an ovarian cyst, a salpingitis;
  • a radiograph of the abdomen (without preparation) to make sure that there is no renal colic ...

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