Appendicitis: the causes

Appendicitis is characterized by inflammation of the appendix. Its main cause is an obstruction of the appendix with a thickening of the lymphoid tissue.

This obstruction causes a proliferation of bacteria (bacteroids fragilis, clostridium, Escherichia Coli ...) and produces inflammation. These are really the causes of the appendix infection.

Appendicitis can occur at any age, but is usually more common in adolescents or young people up to 30 years of age.

In the absence of treatment, the spontaneous evolution of appendicitis is abscess (the formation of an abscess), the formation of suppurative appendicitis, and the perforation of the abscess in the belly: this is peritonitis with the presence of pus in the abdominal cavity.

It is also likely to produce ischemia of part of the appendix. The appendix is ​​then no longer properly nourished or powered by the vessels. Which is dangerous, because the pain can disappear the pain, and make (wrongly!) Believe that all is well ... or not too bad.

In the past, too many people have been operated on for nothing of an "appendicitis". Or it may be overzealous, overly cautious ... to prevent a major complication of appendicitis from occurring. Also, from now on, besides the analysis of the manifestations of which complains the patient, additional examinations are realized.

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