After having eaten too much during a festive meal: which drinks to favor?

After eating well and drinking well (alcohol), keep going! Drink water ! Lots of water !

Proper hydration is the first golden rule, during the meal, but also after, and especially before going to bed. The next morning, ditto: start your day with a large glass of water on an empty stomach.

Flat water is your best ally to help you "cleanse". You can also drink water rich in mineral salts and magnesium for example. If the sparkling water does not repel you, drink one or two glasses too, it will help you feel less heavy.

And in the days that follow, work hard. Alcohol does have dehydrating properties, so do not wait until your throat and mouth are dry to drink water. This will reduce the feeling of pasty mouth and full tongue.

Other drinks

To eliminate, it is good to drink. Water, but also tea and herbal teas, or even chicory. These drinks are, to a certain extent, diuretics, that is, they help you to empty your bladder more often.

Coffee, on the other hand, contains caffeine in a significant amount, which is considered an exciting. Do not throw yourself on unless you have a headache that starts. Better, the day after party, privilege calm.

Juices, like orange juice, are also to be avoided, at least on an empty stomach. Indeed, they are often acid and attack your stomach already abused by a punctual excess of food. Milk, on the other hand, is welcome to soothe an overloaded organism. But for fruit juice or milk it's more a question of choice and taste!

As for alcohol, it is better to avoid refilling yourself after a holiday meal already well watered. Your body, in any case, will certainly take care of itself to remove the desire for a few days.

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