After eating too much at a festive meal: what to eat ... after?

If after these excesses, you fear for your line, do not worry: it is not one or two more hearty meals that will make a difference on the scale ... the idea of ​​course, being not to last the parties over several days.

For that, it is better not to rush on the remains to not submit, once again, his stomach to a meal too rich, too fat ... in short too heavy.
The trick: freeze leftovers! You can always take them out when your digestive system has paused.

If despite everything, the next day, the desire for a little diet is felt (just to compensate ...), know that this is not a good idea . On the contrary. To deprive one's stomach of food risks, in the end, to be more penalizing for the organism.

It is imperative to start the day with a breakfast: a slice of whole buttered bread, accompanied by a sweet tea, will do you the greatest good. During the day, if you are not necessarily very hungry, take a vegetable soup for example, or eat fresh fruit.

If you feel nauseous, think of yogurts . Beneficiaries of the stomach and intestines, they are composed of lactic ferments that help digest food. In addition, their structure lines the entire digestive system with a protective and soothing envelope.

It does not matter if you do not have a real meal. Eat vegetables, fresh fruits ... and avoid foods that are too fat and / or too sweet. On the other hand, if you feel like attacking for a meal, do not hesitate! You also have the right to be hungry, especially if you have not forced on food and alcohol the day before.

Wake up your body gently ...

After this festive break, give yourself a day off.

The fresh air will do you the greatest good. However, this is not a reason to put on your sneakers and go for a jog if you do not really want to ... And it's not because you will run for 2 hours that you eliminate the excesses of the previous day . Be careful even to a significant physical effort a day after a hearty meal and well watered. Fatigue, a dehydrated organism ... in an already vulnerable person, may cause a serious health problem (cardiovascular).

Instead, take the time for a stroll in the fresh air to oxygenate your body and help your digestive organs do their job well.

If you feel tired, take the time to lie down for a moment, read a book, watch a movie, take a nap ... or even do nothing at all. Your digestion will not be slowed down or stopped until you sleep.

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