Lumbar osteoarthritis: the causes

Natural aging is one of the causes of lumbar osteoarthritis but it is not the only one. There are also contributing factors.

It seems fairly logical that some factors may be likely to cause or aggravate lumbar osteoarthritis, but few studies have shown responsibility.

  • Heredity is the main factor promoting lumbar osteoarthritis as has been shown in twin studies.
  • Efforts in occupations that involve heavy repetitive loading or vibration that may be causes of lumbar osteoarthritis. This has been demonstrated by several studies, especially in men.
  • Smoking is often found as a risk factor in epidemiological studies without the mechanism being clear.
  • Obesity, on the one hand by the increase in vertebral stresses, on the other hand by weakened vertebral and abdominal muscles. Several studies find a link between body mass index (BMI) and lumbar spine, especially in women.

It is estimated that heredity accounts for about 80% of lumbar osteoarthritis, and occupational or leisure constraints only 10%. This is to say the importance of a healthy lifestyle if you have a history of lumbar osteoarthritis in the family. Lumbar osteoarthritis, which is very common, begins early in the fourth decade.

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