Autism in children: the signs that must alert

A recent study estimates that two out of 1000 people have autistic disorders, about 100, 000 people in France. Autism affects an average of four boys for a girl.

Beyond the shock, to learn that your child is autistic, is to face the unknown and the need to organize a family life often complicated.

The first difficulty in detecting the symptoms of autism in children is that they vary from case to case. In very young children, for example, autism can be mistaken for deafness because of its lack of reaction to the sound environment.

In some children, autism causes a delay in mental or motor development, whereas in others, it will be accompanied by precocity. Similarly, hyperactivity or apathy of the child may indicate autism.

To help the autistic child lead a life as balanced as possible, early diagnosis, and therefore appropriate care, is one of the essential keys. Early intervention can help prevent secondary symptoms and prepare parents to support their child in their development.

A diagnosis made in the baby allows parents to have more time to learn, make contact with an association, and consider the future of their child, his education, leisure ...

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Author: Claire Lavarenne.
Expert consultant: Pr Alain Lazartigues, head of the university service of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University Hospital of Brest.
November 2008.

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