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Constipated baby: when to talk about constipation?

To be precise, a constipation corresponds to the rarefaction of the emission of the feces. The stools are dehydrated, they have lost some of their water and have lost their usual volume, which causes a slowing of intestinal transit.

Constipation occurs in infants under the age of 18 months, when the number of stools is less than one stool a day when breastfed, and less than three stools a week when bottle-fed.

"Functional" constipation of the infant

In most cases, constipation is said to be functional, which means that it is not linked to a pathology or a disease. It is then a trivial episode, frequent and not serious, even if it can cause a great anxiety for the parents.

To reassure you, you can recognize a banal functional constipation when:

  • There is no associated vomiting. This means that there are no signs of bowel obstruction.
  • There is no abnormality of growth, no weight loss.
  • No neuro-motor development disorder. The baby's reflexes are always good, he moves normally and responds normally to stimulation.
  • No major bloating. Baby may be a little embarrassed, but do not wring pain when you feel his stomach.

When your baby has none of these signs, you can calm down, it is certainly a temporary functional constipation.
On the other hand, if you notice any of these signs, you should consult a doctor, especially if constipation appears from the very first days of life.

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