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Drop in libido: Anne's testimony

Testimony of Anne, 32 years old. She tells how she faced a low libido.

"Being dumped by her boyfriend because we do not want to sleep with him, it happens when we are 17 years old. At almost 30, it's harder to cash in ... With my fiance, we had been together for 8 years, we loved each other and we were planning to get married. But 2 years ago, I went through a difficult period that ended up rubbing off on our couple.

I first missed my exams. Very big disappointment. I had invested 7 years of my life in my studies and the prospect of redoing a year made me completely unmotivated. A few months later, I lost my grandmother, whom I was very close to, and then I found a tumor, thankfully benign, for my mother. All this accumulated completely undermined me. I was in my socks, I did not want anything. Fortunately, my boyfriend supported me a lot. But if I liked him there, I was not really in the mood to make love.

At first, he was understanding but the more weeks passed, the harder it was to postpone his advances. I could tell he was frustrated, but I really did not want him to touch me. At least, not like that ... After several months, some tension had settled between us, he began to ask questions about our couple, to question my feelings for him. I would surely have done the same thing for him, but on the spot I did not do anything to take away his doubts. I got even closer to myself. A few weeks later, he left me.

It made me feel like a big slap! I loved him, I did not want to lose him. So I reacted. I consulted a psychiatrist, I made the point, sorted out my ideas and learned the lessons of all that. Today we are together again, but I understood that what makes the strength of a couple, it is not the intensity of his sexual life (even if it is important), but his way of cope with hard knocks by communicating and staying united. "

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