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Decreased libido: the consequences

Despite a libido at half mast, it is important not to lose sight that there are two in this relationship.

Repel the advances of his partner, it passes once, twice ... but when it becomes systematic, this refusal can have consequences on the couple. And those for whom love holds an important place in the relationship, could indeed not cope with these periods of lean cows.

Know how to manage your frustration

A stalled sex life is often a sign of discomfort. The danger here: that what is at the origin a personal problem, does not turn into a heavy situation for the couple, in particular for the one who "remains on his hunger".

Recognize the needs of your partner, dialogue, reassure ... allows you to play down the situation, but especially to make him understand that the discomfort does not come from him, and that his attitude is in no way responsible for your lack of interest in "the thing".

Frustration is an inevitable feeling, but the challenge here is to make sure that it does not become a source of tension that could lead to a questioning of the couple. It's your sex life that's on "break, " not your relationship.

The opportunity to get closer

It is not because one has taken the "control" of the sexual life of the couple that, for its part, one lives well the situation. The periods of decline of desire are often accompanied by a skew of contradictory feelings that must be managed in addition to a frustrated companion.

Because we do not feel good, that by dint of saying no to his partner, he has become less entrepreneurial, because these days we are less funny than usual, we accumulate negative thoughts and we comes to be devalued.

Very often you feel guilty too. Not to find the desire (but what is wrong?), Not to be able to satisfy his partner ... and when the situation lasts, one asks oneself questions about the future of his couple and his responsibility in the degradation of the relationship.

Yet, difficult times can be an opportunity to get closer. The reproaches that the other sometimes addresses to us ("you do not desire me anymore, you do not love me anymore or what?") Are very often only the clumsy expression of his anguish (to be no longer loved, not to be desired, but also to lose us ...).

Here again, communication and dialogue remain the key to avoiding misunderstandings. The help of a third person can be useful to express what can be difficult to get out, and to loose the tensions or resentments that may have arisen.

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