Teeth whitening: On living teeth

For the bleaching of living teeth, the dentist may use carbamide peroxide gel. Hydrogen peroxide, three times more concentrated than carbamide peroxide gel, can also be used. The higher the hydrogen peroxide concentration, the faster the treatment will be. Light and heat also activate the lightening process, but have a major disadvantage: the increased risk of tooth sensitivity.

Devitalized teeth

Devitalized teeth (often following a shock, trauma) tend to color with time. These teeth "respond" very well to the sodium perborate, existing in powder form and which, mixed with water, dissociates in oxygenated water inside the tooth.

Attention, hypersensitivity!

The main side effect of all these teeth whitening treatments is to induce hypersensitivity, but only during treatment. The higher the concentration of oxygenated water, the more rapid the action on the tooth ... but the greater the chances of inducing hypersensitivity.

Two types of treatment

The dental surgeon offers two major ways of lightening: to do partly home (the "ambulatory" mode), or entirely to the dentist ("in the chair", say professionals). The results are quite similar between the two modes of teeth whitening. This care is not covered by health insurance. It takes between 600 and 1500 euros, depending on the technique used, the dentist, etc.

> Fully at the dentist
> The entire process is carried out directly in the dental office with the use of hydrogen peroxide at high concentrations for fairly short periods.

> The fairly high concentration of lightening product can cause tooth hypersensitivity.

> Treatment done entirely at the dentist alone lasts about six months. It can be completed by an ambulatory technique for a week immediately after the session at the dentist.

> Partly at home
> The practitioner realizes gutters that the patient wears at night for two to three weeks.

> The concentration of carbamide peroxide is low (between 10 and 16%), the treatment time with these gutters must be long enough to saturate the tooth with oxygenated water.

> Hypersensitivities, when they exist, are moderate.

> The results of teeth whitening remain a long time and maintenance every 2 years helps maintain the brightness obtained.

Attention, the latter solution has nothing to do with the treatments that can be purchased in pharmacies, and that do not achieve the same effectiveness of treatments initiated at the dentist and prosecuted at home.

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Sources and notes: Thinning of teeth. ADF Congress 2009.

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