Winter Blues: Treatments

The solutions to get out of the winter blues are not based on medication or the implementation of psychotherapy. We can begin by treating its winter blues by changing certain lifestyle habits:

> If you are subject to the winter blues, and if you have a profession or a schedule that allows it, start by moving your schedules so as to live as much time as possible based on natural light. As soon as you arrive in winter time, try to wake up earlier in the morning so that you can wake up from daylight when you wake up.

> Do not watch too late at night. Enjoy your evenings that start early, read, watch movies that you have not had time to see at the movies.

> Try to adopt a positive attitude: take care of yourself, it is not because you are (already) stuck in coats and boots that you do not have to feel attractive. Make an appointment for facials, massages. Try to keep cultural activities and go out as soon as you can to change your mind.

> Chase dark ideas by wearing colorful clothes. Put yourself in a sports activity that requires to be practiced in the open air, in order to oxygenate you. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. If you know that you are subject to this type of winter blues, take advice from your doctor or pharmacist for a homeopathic cure, for example, in anticipation of the arrival of the seasons cold.

> Anything that can make you feel good must be done to get the winter blues through as smoothly as possible.

> Older people who go out less frequently because of their difficulty in moving, must take a daily walk.

> If your blues persists, consider making a doctor's appointment. This condition can hide a vitamin D deficiency, which synthesis by the skin requires the sun. The doctor may be able to prescribe a treatment that includes vitamin D.

When all these measures prove to be insufficient, treatment with light therapy may be indicated.

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