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Boosting your libido with natural methods: Food supplements

> The principle:

The nutrients that are essential for the proper development of the body in order to supplement the intake of a normal diet, is the principle of dietary supplements. In the form of unit doses (capsules, lozenges, tablets, ampoules or sachets), they can help fill certain deficiencies or prevent certain pathologies. On the other hand, their use must be moderate and supervised, as an overdose could be dangerous.

> How to use:
Food supplements are sold in pharmacies or self-service, but it is best to seek the advice of a doctor (if he has knowledge in this area) before undertaking a cure. Depending on your age, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your physical condition or your possible pathologies, he can tell you the appropriate supplement (s).

> Treatment to stimulate libido:

There are many dietary supplements to curb menopausal disorders, and in particular, a decrease in sex drive, a sexual problem, and so on.

Here are some ingredients that can be used:

- DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone): hormone naturally present in the body, it participates in the synthesis of sex hormones. But with age, its concentration decreases. A study by Inserm has shown positive effects of DHEA on sexual desire in women, as well as erectile dysfunction in men.

- Ginkgo : extracts of the Ginkgo Biloba leaf have long been suspected of curing erectile dysfunction and boosting libido. But, to date, no scientific study supports these assumptions.

- Ginseng : this root has toning virtues for the body, and would improve sexual performance. Ginseng is most often in the form of capsules.

- Isoflavones : they are plant substances close to female hormones, present in foods derived from soybeans. One of their supposed properties is to reduce vaginal dryness and menopausal disorders in general.

- Yam (wild yam): this kind of root from Asia or Latin America is used as a dietary supplement to relieve menopausal disorders or increase sexual desire in women.

These different components can be collected in a commercially available product. It is difficult to evaluate their effects objectively. In any case, clinical studies are missing ...

Aphrodisiac foods

We could not avoid mentioning in this issue: foods called "aphrodisiacs" that are often more myth than reality, but can be prized by lovers wanting to stimulate their libido:

> Foods: asparagus, oysters, truffles, chocolate ...

> Spices: mustard, ginger ...

> The plants: savory, ginger.

But also note that some products can decrease libido ... like alcohol . In the long run, smoking can also lead to sexual disorders of different natures.

Romantic recipes, energizing cocktails ... it's up to you to marry the "ingredients of love" to stimulate your desire.

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