Burns: the causes

The causes responsible for burns are many ... accidents can have different origins. Around 7, 000 people are seriously burned each year in France.

The causes can of course be direct contact with flames, but also with objects or liquids brought to high temperature, or electrocution ... Among the other causes: the absorption or inhalation of caustic substances with the burn digestive or pulmonary mucous membranes. Domestic accidents are the main causes of burns. Another cause: workplace accidents account for about 30% of burns.

Apart from the heat, a caustic agent is dangerous in that as long as it is present, it enlarges the surface of the burn and then aggravates the lesion.

Electrocution is a vital emergency: apart from possible cardiac arrest, the internal lesions are more important than the size of the skin burns suggests. It is important that these victims are supported by a specialized team.

Extensive burns, greater than the surface of the palm of a hand and / or deep, that is to say the 2nd or 3rd degree and / or located on the face, neck, chest, hands, genitals and / or in the very small or elderly are generally considered serious burns.

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