Urinary Calculi Avoid The R Cidive

Urinary stones: avoid recurrence!

Urinary stones are one of the most common pathologies of the urinary system : we would be 10% to suffer.

The pains caused by renal colic are often severe. People who have had this experience know very well what we are talking about: sudden pain that can not be controlled and that can surprise us at any time.

These patients dread one thing: a possible recurrence. It will be especially possible to prevent this recurrence if we could recover fragments of the calculation and they could be analyzed in the laboratory. Knowing the nature of the calculation, preventive measures can be proposed by the doctor. It will only remain to apply them ...

Thus, depending on the type of calculation, it may be advisable to reduce foods or drinks rich in calcium, or black tea or chocolate ... And one thing is certain too, it will drink enough every day.

To learn more, read this article written with a urologist, and have the answer to all your questions. What rules to follow to prevent the calculations from being reformed? What practical tips to apply? Should we prefer drinking water over another?

Author: Elide Achille.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Ilya Savatovsky, urologist.
Last update: August 2015.

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