Pancreatic cancer: the causes

The precise causes of pancreatic cancer are not well known, and there are known risk factors that promote the development of such cancer.

Smoking is once again involved. It multiplies the risk by two or three to develop pancreatic cancer .

It also seems that a diet rich in meat also slightly increases this risk. As for fruits and vegetables, they would have the opposite effect.

Finally, about 10% of cancers have a hereditary component.

There are different types of pancreatic cancer:

The most common pancreatic cancer is adenocarcinoma, which develops from certain pancreatic cells (which make enzymes useful for digestion).

But there are other types, such as:

  • insulinoma that develops from the cells that make insulin;
  • gastrinoma (often malignant) from cells that secrete another hormone, gastrin.
  • glucagonome,
  • the somatostatitonome .

It is by taking a portion of a diseased pancreas (through a biopsy), or during a surgical procedure to remove the tumor, then performing a laboratory analysis that establishes a precise diagnosis and that the we know what cancer it is.

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