Dental caries: the causes

The main cause of caries formation are the bacteria normally present in the mouth and in dental plaque:

These bacteria turn sugary products into acidic substances that attack the tooth enamel, then dentin under the enamel, and finally the inside of the tooth, where there are nerves, where it can hurt a lot!

It is by a process of glycolysis that bacteria transform sugars into acid which causes enamel dissolution ... and thus a demineralization of tooth enamel.

Enamel is the layer that covers the teeth to protect them from external aggressions, such as shocks or acid or abrasive foods.

The cause is in fact due to so-called cariogenic bacteria: streptococci, lactobacilli, etc. Depending on the depth of decay, some families of bacteria are more present than others.

The other important cause of decay is dental plaque, a kind of white sticky paste of food debris and saliva, which forms after each meal and settles on the surface of the teeth. This is where the bacterial multiplication processes (the bacteria present in the mouth colonize the dental plaque) succeed each other and act on the development of caries.

Of course, there is also a fragility individual more or less important, a field that is that we are more or less vulnerable to develop a caries (individual qualities of saliva, local immune defenses is important).

Another cause or factor to consider: drugs (such as psychotropic drugs, some antihypertensives, etc.) reduce the secretion of saliva, which can accelerate the occurrence of caries.

These bad habits that damage our teeth ...

To keep your teeth healthy, you must know how to take care ... and adopt some rules of oral hygiene and food. Here are 10 bad habits to avoid to keep a radiant smile!

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