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What foot pain can reveal

Foot pain can manifest itself in different forms and in different places, for example at the origin of the toes, on the arch, or in the heel.

Foot pain often occurs when walking or standing. Of course, the characters of this pain depend on the cause of this foot pain. The foot consists of three parts: tarsus, metatarsal and toes. Many more or less important joints - for example the superior and inferior articulation of the ankle and the joints between the toes - allow the mobility of the foot.

The foot also contains many muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Pain that occurs when you set foot on the ground may be due to illness or injury to one of these things. Often, it is accidents (for example, a sprain) or overload problems that cause foot pain.

Other factors may contribute to foot pain:

  • Corns or blisters due to inappropriate shoes
  • An infection of the skin, such as foot fungus
  • Rheumatic disease (inflammatory rheumatism leading to heel pain).

The pains can occur at the time of setting foot, unwind, but also at rest. Rest pain signifies inflammation. Foot pain can be sudden and acute (for example, in the case of a ligament tear), or develop slowly and gradually. Sometimes the foot can be swollen and hot, which most often indicates inflammation of the foot. When nerves or muscles are affected, the pain may extend beyond the foot area, and be accompanied by sensory disturbances and paralysis.

Attention to diabetics who must be very vigilant, because of nerve damage related to diabetes reaching especially the extremities (feet). These people do not necessarily feel pain when a problem occurs. Which can have serious consequences (deep infection, necrosis of the lower limbs, etc.)

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Authors: Dr. Nicolas Evrard, Dorothée Gebele.

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