Chalazion: Treatments

The chalazion treatments are quite simple, but you should know that they have the disadvantage of not being necessarily 100% effective.

When the chalazion is red, inflammatory, treatment with corticoid ointment and antibiotic may be proposed.

When the button that forms the chalazion is without inflammatory symptom, forming simply a ball, one can try as simple treatment to massage the button with a hot compress. Because the opthalmologists are wary of prolonged application of cortisone on the eyelid in contact with the eye.

It also happens that the chalazion heals alone without treatment after several weeks.

If these treatments fail, the ophthalmologist can offer a small surgery. A small incision after local anesthesia. Finally, in case of frequent recurrence of a chalazion, it will be necessary to look for underlying causes, especially a cutaneous disease such as rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis.

What to do to prevent a chalazion? When subject to chalazion, it is necessary to regularly practice eye hygiene. Using a warm but not hot washcloth, warm your eyelids for several minutes. Then massage them to help the lipids out through the glandular holes on the edge of the eyelids.

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