Prenatal singing

70s ... Marie-Louise Aucher, singer and singing teacher, uses singing as a technique of well-being. The basics of psychophony are laid. And why not apply this idea to the baby to come?

Encouraged by her meeting with Dr. Leboyer ("The baby is a person", it's him), the singer proposes to pregnant women to sing, once a week. Chantal Verdière, a midwife enthusiastic about the idea, is experimenting in maternity with the benefits of singing in pregnant women. Thus was born the prenatal song, a real "plus" for preparation for birth, both physically and emotionally.

Well-being goal

The prenatal singing sessions include techniques of bodily awakening, vocalizing, learning a repertoire of songs, a work on bass sounds. Dad's role is also discussed, as is postpartum, through the techniques of carrying, rocking and rocking.

The vocation of prenatal singing is not to learn to sing, but to do good, simply ... and in a good mood! Pregnant or not, singing can release tensions and emotions, while bringing energy and good waves.

Singing, even if it is limited to simple vocalizations, allows the body to let go, especially at the level of the abdominal belt. This is particularly the case for bass sounds, which act on the lower body and have a relaxing effect, in contrast to high-pitched sounds that focus on the upper body and have a more energizing effect, explains Marie-Anne Sévin, president of the French Association of Prenatal Song.

A welcome practice

A mother who makes loud sounds during delivery ... it may surprise if the obstetrical team is not aware of the parents' wishes, and worse, does not know anything about prenatal singing, which happily happens less in less often ...

Prenatal singing is generally well received, as long as it does not interfere with the medical protocol, reassures Marie-Anne Sévin. Some midwives are trained there.

The ideal is of course to prevent the obstetrical team of his birth project, which is also valid for any particular wish regarding the course of delivery (music, special position ...).

Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard.
Thanks to Marie-Anne Sévin, musician-teacher trained in the Chant Prénatal Psychophonie Chantal Verdière, President of the French Association of Prenatal Song.

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