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Orthopedic surgeon - Orthopedist

The orthopedic surgeon, also called an orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist orthopedic surgeon, is a surgeon who intervenes on bones, joints, tendons, or ligaments. In France, there are approximately 3, 300 orthopedic surgeons.

Their activities

The traumatologist orthopedic surgeon intervenes in case of osteo-articular trauma, but also sometimes tendinous or ligamentary. It also intervenes in case of osteo-articular disease. Thus, his opinion can be asked in cases of osteoarthritis highly evolved on a joint (hip, knee ...), specific diseases (infectious, inflammatory - such as rheumatoid arthritis, tumor), deformity (scoliosis, hallux valgus) .

The orthopedist can also intervene if a disease has consequences on the osteo-articular apparatus, as in certain neurological affections (motor infirmity of cerebral origin). If there is discomfort to perform certain movements, a disability, the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon may be requested.

In France, out of more than 65 million people, 20 million have consulted an orthopedist for an osteo-articular, orthopedic, etc. problem. About 6 million people have benefited from orthopedic surgery (repair of a fracture, placement of a prosthesis ...).

In total, orthopedic surgeons perform 860, 000 operations per year.

The orthopedic surgeon can work in the hospital or clinic.

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