How to lose weight ... first listen to your body!

How to lose weight ? How much have we tried to lose weight ... without, in the end, achieve it? Worse: gaining weight! The main culprits of these failures are the diets that are unsuited to our physiological needs.

Eat more protein, less saturated fat, banish starchy foods, eat only green ingredients, refuel at breakfast, skip breakfast ... There are not so many ideas. But these methods are often not effective in losing weight, and can even be dangerous. But then, how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way?

To lose weight effectively one must know oneself. Starting from its morphology and its genetics, it is necessary to adapt its dietetics to its way of life. Because we are not all the same when it comes to taking - and losing weight. Thus, a method that works in a person to lose weight does not have the same effect in another person. To know how to lose weight, you must first know how your own body works!

In this article, Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati, a psychotherapist and behaviorist doctor, explains why it is important to listen to your own body and your needs to lose weight, or at least control your weight.

Discover the interview of this specialist doctor that he granted us exclusively. With his advice, you will learn to listen to your body, and to eat everything without fear of gaining weight ...

A shock interview that goes against many misconceptions!

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Interview by Ladane Azernour-Bonnefoy.

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