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Self-confidence: Restoring self-confidence

To regain self-confidence, it can be difficult to start working on oneself, since it involves changing and taking risks. But you have to think about the benefits over the distance. Ultimately, it is the prospect of controlling your anxiety, finally recognizing your qualities, but also to admit the possibility of failure.

In fact, it is not because you make a mistake that you must denigrate yourself and devalue yourself in relation to others, especially as it is always rewarding to learn from your failures. We come out grown and stronger for the future.

Making the decision to change is, of course, the first step towards a new life. But depending on the case, the road will be longer or shorter, more or less difficult. Changing one's attitude, and especially overcoming one's fears, often requires work on oneself that can not be done alone.
Healing from a lack of insurance can be difficult, but you can start this work if your lack of assurance is not too strong. In the first place, you must try to identify precisely your difficulties and have the will to really change.

This change must be done in a progressive way: first, attack the least anxiety-provoking situations, and above all be realistic. If you set too ambitious goals in the beginning, you will not be able to do so and you may feel an intense sense of failure, which would be a return to square one.

Reading books on personal development for example, can be a valuable help in your approach to regain self-confidence. We can also embark on some new activities that require exposure, such as theater, dance, sports ...

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