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Consultation at the hospital

In the hospital, outpatient consultations are outpatient consultations (no hospitalization), provided by the hospital's practitioners. They can intervene either as the equivalent of a city consultation, or to prepare a hospitalization, or to ensure a medical follow-up after a hospitalization or an intervention.

Documents to provide

In order to benefit from total or partial care at the hospital, you will have to present at the reception the following documents:
> Your Vitale card and the certificate accompanying it,
> A valid identity document: identity card, passport, family record book, residence card ...
> Your mutual insurance card, if you have one,
> Any document justifying a particular situation: care book for war pensioners, maternity card, accident slip, prescription. And for recipients of universal health coverage (CMU): certificate of affiliation to health insurance, as well as the Vitale card indicating the rights to a supplementary health protection plan.
> Attestation certificate from your attending physician (as part of the coordinated care program),
> If applicable, the file given to you by your doctor or hospital (letter, radios, report of examination, analysis, etc.).

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