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Contraception: to remember

Here is the essential information to remember to make the right choice and opt for the contraception that suits you and that is adapted to your situation:

  • Contraceptive methods are numerous, more or less effective; they must be adapted to the age of the woman, whether she has children or not, to the sexual habits of couples and everyone.
  • Male and female condoms are valid for all, you must read the instructions for use, pay attention to nail strokes.
  • The pills are numerous, there will always be one adapted to each woman.
  • The IUD is more readily used in women who have already had children.
  • The definitive methods of vasectomy in men and tubal ligation in women must be carefully considered before they are performed.
  • It is better to avoid using natural methods as a means of contraception, they are not very effective compared to others.
  • Only condoms, during sex, protect against STDs.

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Source: The General Led Book of Gynecology, French National College of Gynecologists Obstetricians, Eyrolles, 2013.

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