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Aquagym lesson: The testimony of a pregnant woman

We now know that water aerobics classes have many beneficial effects for the pregnant woman as well. We wanted to know more and asked for the opinion of a pregnant woman who experimented with water aerobics.

Discover the testimony of Mathilde, a 28-year-old pregnant woman who tested an aqua-punching course.

How was the course?

An aqua-punching class lasts 45 minutes, in a pool where everyone has a walk. The teacher is outside to show us the exercises.

What were the exercises?

We begin with a quarter of an hour of cardio, with quick sequences that accelerate the heart rate.
Then, with the help of various accessories (foam chips, boards ...), we go to exercises of bodybuilding (abs, glutes, arms ...) and drainage of the body. It's exhausting !
Finally, the last 10 minutes are devoted to stretching to avoid cramps.

Do you feel like you're being spent?

Yes ! After class, I was washed! The exercises added to the water pressure make these 45 minutes very physical.

Your verdict ...

Aqua-punching is a more dynamic version of classic water aerobics. I recommend it to those who want to tone their body and keep the line!

For my part, I intend to practice once a week, to keep fit.

Where did you practice this course?

In a Parisian sports club that also offers aqua fitness classes, aqua-cycling, aqua-slim ...

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