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Aquagym class: The advice of the sports coach

Interview with Amano Mekhazni *, Aquatic gym teacher at Union Inter Allied Club, and personalized sports coach in the prestigious hotel The Queen's Pavilion (Paris).

What is the target audience for water aerobics?

Aquagym is for everyone today, whether you are an adult or teenager, neophyte or seasoned athlete. There will be a reservation regarding young children.

Non-swimmers will become acquainted with the aquatic environment in a fun and confident way. They will even be equipped with a floatation belt, easily venture into deep water.

People suffering from certain disabilities or overweight, will find, in weightlessness, flexibility and mobility.

For athletes, water aerobics is an excellent activity that completes their physical preparation - by working while resistance, gently, and promotes recovery after a competition, a match.

What are the main muscles used during the exercises?

Water aerobics is a complete physical activity, soliciting all your muscles and joints, always smoothly. Used for a long time for the functional rehabilitation in particular, this activity, respectful of the body, will give you a physical comfort and a psychic comfort.

Can we lose weight with water aerobics?
You should know that water aerobics is a sport with high energy expenditure. Beyond the fact that this activity in itself makes you lose calories, water increases your basic metabolism: to maintain a consistent body temperature, your body must burn more calories. Finally, if you combine your training with a good food hygiene, then yes, aqua gym will make you lose weight!

Aquagym is very popular with pregnant women. Can they participate in a "normal" course or do they have to enroll in a specialized (prenatal) course?

For pregnant women, the aquatic environment is particularly suitable for preparation for childbirth. Take advice from your doctor first, because the aquatic environment is a singular universe for the human body. The natural resistance of water significantly modifies our mobility. Thus partially freed from the laws of earthly attraction, a new dimension opens up to you. A playground with amazing possibilities, which contribute as much to your physical development as to your well-being.
To register in a pre or postnatal water aerobics class, I invite you to get closer to the lifeguards of your municipality.

How often would you like to practice water aerobics?

Whatever your motivations, the aqua gym will offer you answers adapted to your desires. One to two weekly sessions are a minimum recommended pace to enjoy the benefits of this sport.

* Author of Aquagym user manual, ed. Practical Marabout, 2007.

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