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Dental decay: treatments

The treatment of dental loosening depends on the progress of periodontitis. Based on the state of progression of the disease, the dentist will choose the most appropriate treatment to perform.

He will first treat gingivitis by descaling, to rid the teeth of tartar and bacteria that accompany it. When we have unfortunately passed the stage of gingivitis, there are two possible treatments:

1 - The surfacing

The surfacing is a deep descaling treatment, which allows the dentist to intervene under the level of the gum, to remove plaque or tartar between the gingiva and the root of the tooth, at the pockets gingival. This mechanical removal of plaque and tartar is associated with the use of an antiseptic to kill bacteria that are partly responsible for tooth decay.

Depending on the periodontal disease to be treated and the nature of the infection, an antibiotic prescription may be associated with the surfacing treatment.

Sometimes this treatment is not enough to remove all the tartar plaque. We then go to a surfacing with a flap: we will take off the gum to have a direct vision on the roots of the tooth, to be sure to clean the entire gum pockets.

Surfacing is not supported by Social Security and can cost between 300 and 500 euros.

2 - The gingival graft

Gingival grafting is a treatment performed to overcome aesthetic problems related to tooth decoupling: a part of the roots of the teeth is discovered, the spaces between the teeth have become wider, creating disgraceful black interdental triangles.

When the loosening of teeth is already pronounced, the dentist can offer the patient a gum graft. This surgical procedure consists of reconstructing part of the missing gingiva from a piece of tissue taken from the patient's palate.

Gingival grafting is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, to allow the palate and gums to heal well, it is recommended not to smoke.

The gum transplant is a treatment that is not supported by the Social Security, and it costs on average 500 euros.

Dental Care: How to prevent caries & cie?

Toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, shower bath and food ... 18 tips to preserve the health of your teeth ..!

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