Undernutrition: The particular case of the elderly person

Some numbers :
- Undernutrition concerns 2 to 4% of people aged 60 to 80 who are self-sufficient and live at home (Euronut / Seneca)
- Undernutrition affects up to 10% of people over 80 (Inserm)
- In elderly people living in nursing homes, retirement homes ..., this figure can reach up to 30%.

In the elderly, any undernutrition must be feared as soon as it becomes fragile and loss of appetite. Its nutritional status is to be monitored regularly, and you should not hesitate to report any weight loss, decreased appetite and tendency to filled on you, the doctor.

Indeed, weight loss is more difficult to catch up in an elderly subject than in a young subject. It is therefore necessary to act preventively and maintain at home, the pleasure of eating, in appropriate and frequent quantities, and by favoring nutritionally rich foods and recipes.

Examples of enriched recipes to add to the menus of an elderly person with loss of appetite, from Dr. Plumey's book:
- Soups enriched with skim milk powder, cream and cheese
- Purees enriched with an egg yolk
- White cheese enriched with jams and skim milk powder
- Milk eggs and caramel creams

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