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Detect an STD: How to avoid an STD?

Here are some tips to avoid contracting an STD:


  • To practice a daily toilet as well as after each sexual relation.
  • Choose underwear made of cotton rather than synthetic material.
  • Change daily underwear.
  • Wash underwear at over 60 ° C.


  • Limit the number of sexual partners.
  • Avoid sexual contact with people with STDs or people who are at risk.

Reports :

  • Use condoms: they remain the safest way to protect against STDs.
  • Urinate after intercourse.


  • Consult in case of risky report. In most cases, an early diagnosed, properly treated STD will be cured quickly and without sequelae.
  • Consult a gynecologist or a doctor regularly, especially if you change your partner frequently.
  • Systematically treat the spouse of a person infected with an STD.

Note: The best fight against the spread of the most serious STDs (AIDS, Hepatitis B, ...) remains prevention .

My partner refuses to use a condom: what to do?

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