Daltonism: treatments

It is important to distinguish color blindness, or hereditary dyschromatopsia, from abnormal color vision resulting from visual pathologies or dysfunctions in the brain. In this case, dyschromatopsia occurs later in life, and is associated with other manifestations.

Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, certain medications, optic neuropathy, or retinal damage can cause symptoms close to color blindness. In this case, the treatments are those of the original disease.

As for the daltonism itself, there is currently no treatment to treat it.
However, some opticians offer glasses and contact lenses that are supposed to compensate for color perception anomalies. But the effectiveness of these treatments remains controversial.

While daltonism sometimes gives rise to comical situations induced by improbable color associations, it is neither a disability nor a disability. Paradoxically, it even allows color-blind people to be more sensitive to certain shades not visible to the eyes of trichromates.

It is true that some jobs are still forbidden to color-blind people, especially in transport. However, a positive evolution has made it possible in recent years to facilitate access to them and there are even some color-blind aircraft pilots.

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